Farewell, Sir.

When the phone call arrives from my mother on a weekday morning, the news is seldom good. “Uli, it’s Mom….” her voice trailing off, with a muted sob. “What is it Ma? What’s going on?”  “Well, the news is bad; Grandpa... read more

A Note Of Thanks

“Do you know what a soldier is, young man? He’s the chap who makes it possible for civilised folk to despise war.” - Allan Massie Since the concept was introduced by President Wilson in 1919 and made official in 1938, November 11th has held a sacred... read more

Rust & Redemption

Another in a long line of disappointments made this a Monday worthy of any number of cliches about Mondays. When we have troubles, they seem to compound rapidly and that uncomfortable sense of dancing in quicksand quickly tightens it’s grip with each misstep... read more

Monotypes In A Time Of Stereo

When the mood strikes, there is little more appealing to me than a basket full of garlic chicken wings; it’s a decision once made that I regret well into the next day, when vampires and humans alike keep a minimum six foot radius away, the thrill of the parmesan... read more

With Love

There’s not a person in this world who has your back more than she does, or should. When no one else believes in you, it is her voice on the end of the phone that reassures you that yes, you CAN do this. When your father kicks you out of the house, your mom is... read more

A Squirrel Tale

I saw a squirrel with no tail in my yard yesterday. I kid you not. This is not a metaphor, nor hazy Ozarks double-speak for “carpetbagger” or “Nascar fan” or anything; it was a real-deal squirrel sans tail jumping around the front lawn,... read more

See You Down The Road

Tragedy can be beautiful, but it rarely seems so while it occurs, or to those who endure it. Last week I witnessed a co-worker say goodbye to his father, a life cut short at 55 years, struck down indiscriminately by a heart attack. Jim was a biker, his sons, including... read more

Lights & Tunnels

This morning I discovered anarchy within my dishwasher. While the motor would still begin its raucous cacophony signaling a cycle, no water was being added, thereby baking the gunk onto my dishes and ruining my life forever. By “forever”, of course, I mean... read more

Fly Back To Me

“You boys are gonna have a blast in Florida, you know this?” From the back seat of a worn out Toyota pickup barreling down a pre-dawn city street , they murmur in assent, having been up since 3:30am in anticipation of  today’s journey. Their mother,... read more

There’s Yet Some Bug In My Hum

The usual litany of excuses as to not posting continues unabated. The accompanying litany of excuses is faring worse, I’m afraid, so I just won’t apologize any more. That’s the thing about creative spurts: when your energies are directed at dancing... read more

Good Mornings

How do you describe your perfect morning? For some of us perfection comes in the olfactory senses being jarred to life, waking up to the smell of a loved one frying bacon in the kitchen and coffee gurgling re-assuredly out of a percolator and into oversize mugs. Some... read more

Dispatches From The ‘Burbs

Yeah, I’m a crappy blogger for many reasons, not the least of which is that I seem to only update once every three months. Had a lot going on; I apologize. So, I moved into town; the rent is relatively cheap, the house is “cozy”, which is how people... read more

Keep On Keepin’ On

“Boys, you know how Mom & Dad have been separated for a while now? Yeah? Boys, I want to tell you something….we’re not getting back together, in fact we’re divorced.” Hardest words I’ve ever had to say out loud. Never, not in... read more

If Only

One of my childhood memories that hasn’t been blurred by the passage of time and a million cups of coffee is when I ordered an Ant Farm from the back of a magazine. I gleefully parted with my allowance for the chance to watch some ants burrow in sand, oblivious... read more

At The Right Hand Of Death

Somewhere in between the mundane task of dislodging a howling patient from between the tub and toilet to the adrenaline-laced rush of watching someone ride the lightning of a defibrillator shock lies a curious state of being known as observation. One of the first... read more

Hot Yogurt For The (M)asses

Sweat raining monsoon-style down my forehead, I’m on my hands and knees, desperate for the mental clarity that will allow me to push forward. Humid claustrophobia slowly chokes me out as my vision blurs and I fear that at some point I may lose control of all... read more

Mad Crazy Strong

Last weekend I took the Heathens to the movies. Just they and me, us just three. We saw “We Bought A Zoo”, a heart-wrenching tale of a father and his two kids who undertake ownership of a zoo as part of buying a house, all brought on by their attempt to... read more