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For Every Man, A Sheila

“For last years words belong to last year’s language, and next year’s words await another voice” TS Elliot   The way he looks at her when we’re talking ABOUT her. The way that he describes his often broken past, the triumphs and shortfalls, his kids, his desire to be in Mexico RIGHT NOW, his unabashed… Read more »

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Five Posts, Five Flights Of Lunacy

And I quote…..“This week for Take It and Blog Friday we’re asking you to drum your five most popular blog posts and share them with the rest of us. And because we don’t get a peek at your blog’s statistics, you get to decide what your most popular blog posts are: Maybe they get statistically… Read more »

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Facebook: My Sleazy Love Affair With Social Media

Facebook Security & Skankiness | Take It and Blog Friday Been a while since I’ve posted, so I thought I’d tackle this issue as posed by the Springfield Bloggers Association: “So there’s been some discussion on Twitter this week about Facebook and its security issues. Some of us have even touted that Facebook is more… Read more »

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Stalking As An Art

Every week on the Springfield Bloggers site they have a Take It & Blog subject that we’re invited to write about. Since my mind is currently more of a muddled mess than usual, I think this is a great opportunity to have someone else come up with the theme and I’ll just fill in the… Read more »