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L’eggo My Ego

SO much good is afloat. So much for which to nod our heads humbly and be grateful. According to something written down somewhere gratitude is one of the highest forms of passion, for the person that lives from a grateful standpoint is one without limits and limiting factors. I think I read that on a… Read more »

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In The Moment

Day 3 of the Super Incredibly Fantastic Special Extra Happy Trip Of 2011 consisted of taking in a concert. Not just any old concert, mind you, but one I’ve been anticipating with the drool of a starving dog in a steakhouse. We’re talking Mumford & Sons, a barely-four-year-old band that everyone declares to have heard… Read more »

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Here’s The Thing

I’m on the road currently. The ostensible reasons are to get out of Springfield, catch a great concert with my brother, recharge my batteries for another couple rounds in the firehouse and lastly, general tomfoolery. All still going to plan, too. I spent an evening at the local watering hole of my hometown, The Old… Read more »

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High Plains Loafer

It’s all shades of gray, really. Often-times folks from the coastal community ask me how in the world you could stand to live in the Ozarks, home of cousin-fornication and three teeth per capita. People in the Ozarks ask how could someone stand to live in California, home of such insane luminaries as San Fran… Read more »

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Tail Dragging Top Ten

“CALIFORNIA WOULD BE A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE CALIFORNIANS.”  –Dirtbag (a native of the S.F. Bay area and current resident of Washington State) Top 10 Highlights From California Best Truck Stop Name I Found – “Jesus Christ Is Lord Not A Swear Word Truck & Travel Plaza” Best Aspect About… Read more »

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Countdown Is ON!

One week from today, the entire Missouri wing of our clan is rolling west to California, road tripping in what will surely be come to known as “I-can’t-believe-we-thought-that-was-a-good-idea fest 2010“. I’ve made the drive a handful of times, most notably in a newly purchased Peterbilt with the Outlaw Trucker (back when I had an excavating… Read more »

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No More Paddy’s Lament

Year round, but never more frequently than now, I have a secret lust for an accent. There’s nothing inherently intriguing about American speech, minus the fascination I have with the Bostonian brogue. I used to like southern twang until I discovered that often it’s symbolic of illiterate trash (not always though….you can’t go wrong with… Read more »

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A Love Story

The last couple of days spent on this trip went by in a seeming blur, no doubt influenced by a desire to return to the barn and seasoned with liberal amounts of imbibing. My visits with The Author and RoJo’s family were complimented by an unexpected visit to Aunt Viper. Aunt Viper is The Lyin’… Read more »

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Burning History To The Ground

Two firsts for me on this trip home: 1.) I rode a scooter all around town. I felt supremely emasculated on the thing, but I’m not so ashamed that I’d deny how fun it was. Even in the rain. 2.) I took said scooter up into hills of Santa Barbara and went to my childhood… Read more »

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Fine China In A Food Court

And then there was Los Angeles. Traditionally, I hate Los Angeles. I was raised to notice that the City of Angels has a bit of an issue when it comes to smog, crowds, traffic and a certain preponderance of assholes. L.A. is home to gang violence and pretentious boobs. Nothing good, save The Dodgers and… Read more »