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To The End, To Failure, To You & Me

We filed in, the last visitors in uniform of the day. There is no good news on this floor of the hospital; people here often aren’t going home. Family members stand teary-eyed and solemn, holding vigil over their loved ones as they slip loose these earthly shackles and transition to whatever lies on the other… Read more »

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May We All Get To Heaven Before The Devil Knows We’re Dead

This story ends with children in a bar on a school night. It begins in a much more benign fashion, though. Also, bagpipes play a central role. Outside of a grizzly crime involving lottery scams, one armed pimps and an illegal chinchilla fighting ring, it really has it all. St. Patricks Day isn’t one of… Read more »

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The Language Death Panel Is Now In Session

With only 54 days left in the year, it was time to begin one of the many end-of-year chores that are fast approaching. You know, chores like putting up the Christmas lighting on the house, being allegedly blown away by fall colors, breaking my back splitting wood for the shop stove. All glorious endeavors, yes…. Read more »

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One Sick MoFo

Hey. I had a funny essay started earlier. It was entitled “Intellectual Man Candy”, and I swear, it’ll make you laugh. But I can’t finish it right now. Know how I know? I mis-spelled the word “jet” and “stalker” earlier. (Let’s not get into the hows and whys with regards to my use of both… Read more »

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Us versus Them

I think there’s something that you and I have in common: a visceral loathing of punk ass kids. The beauty of that is the fact that at one time WE were the punks and our parents thought of us in much the same way. A bizarre rite of passage, the teen years are gangly, pimply,… Read more »