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Cash For Crap

August 28th, 2009|Categories: Motorcycle Dreamin', Tales of Misery|Tags: |

The era of the bailout has enshrouded our mindset as of late. In a last, desperate gasp, personal accountability has finally croaked, and we are now rewarding unethical and downright greedy behavior by pledging financial aid to institutions that should have, by all rights, gone under. It's kind of hard [...]

Write On

August 25th, 2009|Categories: Amigos, Siren Songs, Tales of Misery, Wandering Ponderings|Tags: , , , , |

Everyone needs inspiration. Bones is inspired by cleanliness and germ-eradication. The Heathens are inspired by Transformers, The Dirtbag is inspired by architectural innovation, Fury The Landscaper is inspired by a Subway sandwich done right and I'd venture that RoJo is inspired by the recent birth of his son. Artists get [...]

Monday Mud ~ August 24th

August 24th, 2009|Categories: Monday's Mud|

Monday again in these Ozarks finds me back at the firehouse, complete with the ritual shaming of co-workers, indulgence in sweet tea plus a visit from a psychotic homeless woman who has completely captured our hearts. More about her in a moment. The weekend showed us the first signs of [...]

Elbow Room Only

August 23rd, 2009|Categories: Tales of Misery|Tags: , |

Being a fan of the human condition, my radar for bizarre behavior operates on high alert most of the time. One aspect that always grabs my attention? Culture clashes. I am not talking about a cannibal in a room full of vegans kind of thing, more like certain behaviors that [...]

Half Past Friday ~ August 21st

August 21st, 2009|Categories: Half Past Friday|

Friday again. I know for most of you, sweet release from the grind is but a few hours away. I feel that way this week as well, since the ever-accomplished B shift works Friday then Monday in this work cycle. Perhaps we'll participate in normal family rituals such as cartoon [...]

And I Ran, I Ran So Far Away…..

August 18th, 2009|Categories: Less Lardass, Siren Songs|Tags: |

In order to mark my return to the firehouse after a few weeks off, I thought I'd go whole hog and work out before shift, too. This was a dumb decision. I go to stationary cycling classes (er, spin) regularly, ride to work once in a while, play some ice [...]

Monday Mud ~ August 17th

August 17th, 2009|Categories: Monday's Mud|

Some folks hate Mondays with the same kind of rancor normally reserved for institutions like apartheid or diseases like Mesothelioma. If I worked something other than off-kilter shift work, I might feel the same way, but days of the week don't mean a whole lot as a firefighter, other than [...]

Half Past Friday ~ August 14th

August 14th, 2009|Categories: Half Past Friday|

Back again, for your viewing pleasure, is the Half Past Friday survey. This week I got several bizarre responses to the question: "deserted island time - what would your pick for one movie, one album and one food be?" Apparently, more than a few of you are concerned with self-abuse. [...]

  • Behind The Beer With Lear #1: A Conversation With Ryan
    by Uli Gulje on January 18, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    He has an oddly specific fear of injuring his collarbone and made, by his own count, roughly 120,000 funnel cakes in two seasons out of the eight he worked at Silver Dollar City; Ryan Lear is a man of numbers, a man of beers and a man I work with at 4 By 4 Brewing Company. In the first of this series, he sits down with me to give his story of how he got into the world of beer-making and to begin our journey into all things beer, from how it's made to what drives his passion for creation. Tune in for an hour with a REALLY interesting guy who is going to show you and I, the common peoples, just what is going on behind the beers […]

  • For Whom The TRUMPet Tolls: Another Conversation With Jeff Butler
    by Uli Gulje on January 11, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    His was THE most downloaded podcast episode of 2018, so it makes sense that I would invite Jeff Butler back for another round behind the mic to weigh in on today's divisive political climate. As a former Navy SeAL, CIA Field Officer and with an undergraduate degree in International Politics and Master's degree in History, it makes sense that this well-rounded Springfield Firefighter (Rescue Specialist, to be sure) brings a perspective that is informed, funny and moves beyond the bumper-sticker rhetoric of these times. It was fun to share a pint, a laugh and some traditional chops-busting to these trying times. Tune in! […]

  • My Point Is.....Relax: A Conversation With Mary & Deckard
    by Uli Gulje on January 4, 2019 at 1:00 pm

    What is free will? In this first podcast of 2019, two of my best friends, Mary Michal and Scott Deckard sit down with me at 4 By 4 Brewing Co. to talk about how we approach life.......is it free will, is it determinism or is there a spiritual element that guides us? In this mellow exchange we get to peer into the minds of two VERY insightful people who face life from some different perspectives. Sit down, grab a cup and enjoy this easy, enlightening conversation between three friends.&nbs […]

  • The Dirtbag Diaries: A Conversation With A Best Friend
    by Uli Gulje on December 28, 2018 at 3:07 pm

    He has been one of my very best friends for 25 years and STILL won't let me have lunch with his wife, he's that suspicious of EVERYONE. The Dirtbag is the navigator of my moral compass, and he's often let down by my antics, yet he still tolerates me day in and year out. I was stoked to attempt my first remote podcast and very last podcast of 2018 with one of the most original, unhinged and honest people I know. Enjoy over a PBR or two.....I sure did! […]

  • Getting In The Spirit With The Rev: A Conversation With Jim Oman
    by Uli Gulje on December 21, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    He booked The Ozark Mountain Daredevils to play for $500 for two shows in 1972 while still in high school. He worked for the Kansas City Star and was the youngest department manager at 26 at the time. But soon thereafter he answered a calling to go into the ministry, and Jim Oman's life has been centered there ever since. I met him at 4 By 4 Brewing Company, where he's affectionately known as "The Rev", and thought a podcast between a cynical agnostic and a Methodist Pastor might make for a good show. In the spirit of the holidays, two friends in different camps come together to enjoy a conversation over a few pints and for me it was a history & context lesson that was a beautiful experience. It's not about answers, it's about a good conversation. Cheers, and enjoy! […]

  • ALL The Love With Nikki Love-Adkins
    by Uli Gulje on December 14, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    In a world of chaos and fast-paced everything, Nikki Love-Adkins, along with her business partner/best friend Stephanie offer solace for an hour and twenty minutes at a time in their Sumits Hot Yoga studio. She's a devoted mom, business owner and blissful wife, and somehow makes time to make everyone she encounters feel like they're the most important person in the world. I've gained a LOT from hot yoga, and just as much from this hour spent with a beautiful soul. Enjoy! […]

  • Lock, Stock & Cider Barrel
    by Uli Gulje on December 12, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Ian Carleton and Tim Robson are the founders of Saint Fox Cider, based out of a tiny little ciderhouse affectionately known "Guillotine Hall" in rural Ash Grove, Missouri. In this 150 square foot organic laboratory, these two are crafting some of the most delicious, natural ciders to hit the market with conscientious production and wild fermentation guiding their way. Lovers of food, beer and the entire experience, Robson and Carleton aren't afraid to take risks when it comes to their output, and with a 350% rate of growth in their second year, you can tell it's the right kind of risks. They were gracious enough to sit down with me out in the country and give their take on what it means to be a part of the drinking culture. It's an hour well spent, and a delicious one at that. Cheers! […]

  • Queen Of The Queens: A Conversation With Mary Guccione
    by Uli Gulje on December 7, 2018 at 3:25 pm

    After 30+ years in the restaurant business, Mary Guccione knows a thing or two about fine dining and good wine. She and her husband are the owners of Cellar + Plate, a communal wine house that also offers homemade tapas and an incredible energy. I spent an hour enjoying her take on life, from hosting the monthly Drag Queen Brunch to how she earned her Level 1 Court Of Masters wine designation. She's a one-woman powerhouse of vision, change and savvy, and an absolutely wonderful person. She says "I wanna save the world one drag queen at a time", and after listening to this episode, you'll absolutely believe that she will. Cheers! […]

  • A Freedom Threesome: Conversations With Katie, Dane & Tiffany
    by Uli Gulje on November 30, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    In the longest podcast I've been on to date, Katie Mooneyham, Dane Brown and Tiffany Barnett sat down with me at 4 By 4 Brewing Co. to record an episode for Dane's podcast "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time", and I've decided to feature it on my own show. From discussing yoga being of the Devil, my idea to create a "Sinterest" site to the Supreme Court hearings to yelling at one another about dating choices, the four of us all left the room better friends than when we ended. It's loud, filled with adult language, politics & topics and one helluva way to spend a few hours. Enjoy! &nbs […]

  • Cognizant Consumption: A Conversation With Graham Smitham
    by Uli Gulje on November 16, 2018 at 1:00 pm

    Graham Smitham is a former college swimmer, current CrossFit athlete and manager of Eat Fit Go, a pre-prepared clean eating food service, offering people on the go a healthy alternative to fast food. Our relationship with food is undergoing a pretty amazing metamorphosis, and Eat Fit Go, along with Graham are working hard to change our outlook on what we consume. I sat down for an hour with this highly informed man to get some insights as to why we eat what we do, and how we can change our habits. In fact, I partnered with them for a pretty amazing month-long challenge, one which I'm excited to embark upon! Tune in for a great look into our often toxic relationship with that which we're eating! Cheers! […]