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AutoPsychology 101

July 8th, 2009|Categories: Wandering Ponderings|

About seventy five years ago (or so), I worked for NAPA Auto Parts out of Anchorage, and there was a running joke circulating around the fax machines that would define the kind of person you were by what you drove. It had some real gems such as "Ford Taurus - [...]

Monday Mud ~ July 6th

July 6th, 2009|Categories: Monday's Mud|

I'm now on my fourth cup of coffee, and have yet to clear the cobwebs out. The house is empty, the only commitment, like, three hours from now and music is thumping out in the background; you'd think the muse would be practically giving me a lap dance here, but [...]

One 4th

July 4th, 2009|Categories: Amigos|Tags: |

The 4th of July can conjure up memories for many of us that are similar in nature: parades, bbq's, Uncle Joe passing out on the lawn by 10am. Whatever our shared stories, one aspect that I am guilty of overlooking is that of the sacrifice many of our fellow citizens, [...]

Half Past Friday ~ July 3

July 3rd, 2009|Categories: Half Past Friday, West Coast shenanigans|

Friday, and a holiday Friday at that; I congratulate you for getting to this point with your sanity. Perhaps this Fourth of July will find you and yours celebrating with parades, burnt hamburgers and overpriced fireworks. For my money, I'd rather be back in Cayucos, Ca. watching our funky hometown [...]

Signs of Summer

July 1st, 2009|Categories: Tales of Misery|Tags: |

This story really happened and only the names have been made up. I had to, since I had neither the sense nor the testicular fortitude to ask at the time. The entire event took place at the Rogersville community park during one of the approximately 392 tee-ball games The Heathens [...]

Monday’s Mud ~ June 29th

June 29th, 2009|Categories: Monday's Mud, Wandering Ponderings|

Monday got here just too damn fast for most of us, and while I can appreciate all those out there who are driven to work, slave, succeed or what have you, my drive lies in finding better ways to enjoy time with the amigos, family and assorted nutjobs that make [...]

Half Past Friday ~ June 26th

June 28th, 2009|Categories: Half Past Friday|

The Half Past Friday survey was delayed this week due to a host of technical difficulties. And by "technical difficulties" I mean I was busy getting ready to spend some time with amigos & The Wife on a river float trip. And by "getting ready" I mean I drank my [...]

The Sissification Files – Chapter 1

June 24th, 2009|Categories: Less Lardass, Tales of Misery|

Indisputable Fact Number One: firefighters are their own worst enemy. The same air of stubborn confidence that makes us wade into the middle of stupidly dangerous situations also breeds a viciously complacent attitude when it comes to our own health. Therefore, it is no surprise at all that heart attacks [...]

  • The Grant Wistrom Interview
    by Uli Gulje on April 20, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    Grant Wistrom is a legend of Nebraska Football, with retired jersey #98 and a set of stats to make a soul blush. He went on to play in the NFL for both the St. Louis Rams and the Seattle Seahawks picking up a Superbowl victory along the way. These days he's an owner of Crossfit Springfield here in Missouri, a devoted husband, father and one hell of a good friend. In this interview, Uli gets to the base of Grant's motivations, his experiences and his journey from small-town Missouri all the way to a highly successful NFL career. Tune in....it's a good one. […]

  • Music & Madness With Brandon Moore
    by Uli Gulje on April 20, 2018 at 12:00 pm

    In this episode of The Real State, Uli talks with Springfield musical powerhouse Brandon Moore about his journey through music, addiction, redemption and the beautiful insights along the way. Brandon provides the music for the podcast, bringing his infectious and upbeat songwriting and lyrics along the way. A difficult and very genuine conversation, it gets deep quick and will hook you with Brandon's amazing story. Enjoy! […]

  • Intro To The Real State Podcast
    by Uli Gulje on April 19, 2018 at 8:22 pm

    The Real State is a podcast where authentic conversations about so much more than just real estate take place....it's about the connections we share. In this very first episode, it's just an introduction, some background on who I am, what it's all about and why you might want to spend some time listening. I'm hoping the bug bites you and you'll tune in for each episode, where I sit down with some pretty amazing people and listen to their stories. Welcome! […]