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A Few More Miles To Go

August 21st, 2019|Categories: Family DysFUNction|

"Anxiety, how do you always get the best of me/ I'm out here living in a fantasy/ I can't enjoy a goddamn thing" -Jason Isbell, "Anxiety"   "Hey Dad.......can I ask a favor?" My youngest rarely calls me, mid-day, and rarely asks for much unless it really means something to [...]

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Zero Three Hundred Hours

March 5th, 2019|Categories: Tales of Misery|

She sent those words you see in the picture, a good friend, with the following message: "This reminded me of you, and I mean to send it with nothing but love. I hope you're doing well."  How could I NOT be doing (relatively) well, when someone reaches out like that, [...]

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A Tornado Among The Thunderstorms

February 24th, 2019|Categories: Tales of Misery|

"We were sitting on the front porch With the weather rolling in Laughing louder than the big south wind You ran out to roll your window Light rain falling on your hair...." -A Tornado Warning, Turnpike Troubadours "I don't know why I'm always drawn to the toxic ones. Sometimes I [...]

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One Of These Days

January 22nd, 2019|Categories: Amigos, New & Unimproved|

"You cry lonely And I come runnin' I come to your rescue I chase your blues away" -Cross Canadian Ragweed, 'You Cry Lonely' So, if you are drawn to the broken, just how broken are you? That's what's been rattling around for months. Years, maybe. It's not like I don't [...]

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December 4th, 2018|Categories: Siren Songs|

He is was 24. A Crossfit coach, new husband, Marine Officer and someone who could embody courage, humor and loyalty without coming across as cocky. Will Thompson was someone I knew peripherally from his time at Crossfit, as an athlete and coach; I used to watch him at Crossfit Kids where [...]

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Fat For The Holidays

December 2nd, 2018|Categories: Less Lardass|

I look down at the scale, cynically. Lies. Filthy, lying, technology. I need to blame someone, some THING. But I can't deny how the pants are squeezing me aggressively around the waist like an overzealous relative who hasn't seen you in a year and wants to joyfully choke the life [...]

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The Lonesome Beautiful Now

October 7th, 2018|Categories: Tales of Misery|

"You know, you only get so many of these in this life. They're gone so quickly. It's worth taking the time to take them in" These words from a co-worker as we both were dragging out of the firehouse in the dawn light, another shift marked as complete and both [...]

Off The Rails On The Crazy Train

September 17th, 2018|Categories: New & Unimproved|

"Truth gets well if she is run over by a locomotive, while error dies of lockjaw if she scratches her finger" -William C. Bryant Who isn't a fool for some good old fashioned symbolism and foreshadowing? Hell if I know. But I knew somehow that, based on my own foolish [...]

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Peering Over The Edge

June 18th, 2018|Categories: Family DysFUNction, Tales of Misery|

"So don't forget to love me in damnation/ For the living I have earned on love gone wrong/ And we'll open up old wounds in celebration/ If we don't bleed it don't feel like a song" John Moreland, "Old Wounds"   These past few weeks have been troubling, indeed, as [...]

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  • "How I Became TikTok (In)famous": A Conversation With Mike Underlin
    by Uli Gulje on December 2, 2022 at 7:47 pm

    He's got more layers than a complex onion, a creative juggernaut and one helluva good guy: meet Mike Underlin. He's been making viral videos from way back in the early YouTube days, and has most recently uploaded a video to TikTok that has more than 3 million views and was featured on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. From being compared to dressing like Jeffrey Dahmer to a weird love of Four Loko, Mike is one of a kind and today with Dane as a co-host, he reveals his origin story. Enjoy! If you'd like to FINANCIALLY support the show, you can do so HERE. Thanks!  

  • Gettin' Frisky With Miller: A Conversation With Big Jay
    by Uli Gulje on November 22, 2022 at 8:06 pm

    He's been my mentor in cooking, a man of great integrity, a proud father & husband and an all around badass: please meet my friend Jay Miller. He'll demure with "I just sell door knobs", but the depth of this man is revealed within moments of him letting you in the metaphorical door. We share a love for music, food and metal work, although he is my superior in each category. He's the one I turn to when I look for a true compass pointing towards doing the right thing, and my respect for him is without limit. Please enjoy this show talking about our love of these hobbies!

  • Cardin's Gap Year
    by Uli Gulje on November 1, 2022 at 12:00 pm

    Kelly Cardin is a friend, former co-worker and intellectually curious individual who seems a perfect guest to talk about burnout, retirement and how we face this relentless march of time. Please enjoy the show, and some songs by both Ryan Bingham and Charlie Crockett (I do not own the rights to this music).  If you'd like to *FINANCIALLY* support the show you can do so HERE. Thank you so much!

  • Mono-Log Jammin'
    by Uli Gulje on October 17, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    Hey friends. I apologize for the 27 days its taken to get a new show out; sometimes we just burn out on life, on work, on our very own selves, and we need to take a moment. Here's a short explanation....I'll see you soon!

  • "Bureaucratically Cunning"....A Conversation With Jeff "Sauce" Butler
    by Uli Gulje on September 20, 2022 at 8:19 pm

    In what can only be described as his millionth time on this show, Jeff Butler and I decide to tackle the big issues; issues such as what's shaking with the Royals (the British kind, not KC), reviewing movies such as "Maverick", what it's like to be around a nuclear reactor in a submarine and East Coast vs. West Coast fire department styles. Along the way we enjoy some Booker's bourbon and a Boulevard beer that's nearly two years out of date. It makes for a good time. Cheers! *if you'd like to financially support the show, you can do so HERE. Thank you so much!

  • Behind The Beer With Lear, Sept. '22.....A Conversation With Ryan Lear
    by Uli Gulje on September 16, 2022 at 6:30 pm

    We're back with another Behind The Beer With Lear! Today Ryan and I sample two new(er) beers brewed at Mother's Brewing here in Springfield, something from Rockwell Beer Co. out of St. Louis and a very odd collaboration at the end. Along the way we talk about mental health, dreams of disappointing Dave Grohl and how to consume 8 hotdogs in a row. Cheers! *If you'd like to financially support the show, you can do so HERE. Thank you very much!

  • "Everybody's Walking A Tight Rope".....A Conversation With Mike Abbey
    by Uli Gulje on September 13, 2022 at 7:17 pm

    WARNING: VERY STRONG LANGUAGE AND GRAPHIC DISCUSSION OF DEATH, INCLUDING SUICIDE IN THIS EPISODE. If you wanna get told how it is, you need to talk to this man: please welcome back Mr. Mike Abbey, former firefighter, Army vet and all-around cantankerous cur to the show. Turns out Mike also has an extensive and thoughtful approach to the dark humor of the fire service and in life, as summed up in his words "everybody's walking a tight rope right now." We share some bourbon gifted by a few friends and take time to discuss everything from 9/11 to get a fishing lure caught in, well.....you know where.  *If you would like to financially support the show, you can do so HERE. Thanks!*

  • "Wipe Grandpa Off Your Pants".....A Conversation With Shadow
    by Uli Gulje on September 9, 2022 at 7:17 pm

    She's a program director for local rock station Q102 with strong opinions on cremation and living in the snow-country; welcome back my friend Shadow, proof positive that dynamite comes in small packages. Enjoy an hour of two old friends talking about a life in radio, interviewing stars and her dream of being put in a mausoleum one day. Cheers! *If you'd like to financially support the show, you can do so HERE. Thank you! **STRONG LANGUAGE**

  • "I've Always Been An Underdog Guy"....A Conversation With Mark Phillips
    by Uli Gulje on September 6, 2022 at 5:47 pm

    The original title of this show was supposed to be "Tasty & Simple", but I don't think that does justice to this man who's life and experiences have been anything but; meet Mark Phillips. He's a friend, co-worker, all around raconteur and one of the better storytellers I know. Tune in for a wild hour and a half of tales of drumming with Travis Barker, hanging out with the Dropkick Murphys and growing up on the North Side of the 417. Cheers! *if you'd like to FINANCIALLY support the show, you can do so HERE. Thank you so much!*

  • Legacy: What Do You Want It To Be?.....A Conversation With Deckard
    by Uli Gulje on August 26, 2022 at 5:10 pm

    He's back again for another round behind the mic: my best friend and former coworker Scott Deckard gives us his take on aging, death, suicide and legacy. Although morbid sounding in description, he gives a thoughtful perspective to what it means to head towards our own mortality. Please enjoy! If you'd like to financially support the show, you can do so HERE. Thank you so much!

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