top-ten-may22nd-concertsHere’s the Half Past Friday top ten list in response to the following question: “we’ve all been to a concert that has changed our life. Tell me yours and why.” Your responses were insightful as ever and I apologize that I was late in posting….it’s just that I spent the day being all “dad-like” and then smoking meat all evening. A piss poor excuse at best, but as The Wife says, when you accept an invitation to dinner, you have a moral obligation to be amusing. And we’ve had some funny folks over tonight.

10. “Santana….I was sober and remember it. Besides that, they’re excellent musicians”

9. “Jane’s Addiction…. it was like a religious experience listening to ‘Jane Says’ live with steel drums while nursing the perfect beer buzz”

8.”U2 in general…….but I have to give an honorable mention to the Def Leppard concert- can’t recall a lot of the details but seeing as how there were leaves in my bodysuit the next day, I’m pretty sure it was crazy !!” (hint: I am married to this person…..yikes)

7. “Naturally — the Grateful Dead at Shoreline” (this from a neighbor of my grandparents who I had the biggest case of butterflies over…she was so damn cool back in the day)

6. “I would say Steel Pulse at the Ventura Theatre….epic concert and I will always remember it!” (this is remarkable because it comes from Bones who can hardly remember that I am his brother)

5. “(My husband) said he saw Melissa Ethridge in Vegas and that’s when he became a lesbian”

4. “Liberace” ( a writer friend said this……and I STILL can’t tell if he was serious. This might explain why he carries a candleabra everywhere he goes….that, and the whole cape thing)

3. “The first time I saw Blink 182 on New Year’s 2001. I saw a bunch of girls all together with shirts that said “Blink Girls”. I have since devoted my life to becoming the perfect ‘Blink Girl'” (this from my “brother” Barbara)

2. “My buddy Alan said he lost his virginity after his first Willie (Nelson) concert. That is always a high point. I, on the other hand, kept my virginity after seeing Willie for the first time with my Grandmother at age eight. I learned a lot that evening at the fairgrounds on the front row with 10 or 15 bikers and my Grandmother. While she passed around a half gallon of Jack Daniels, I stuck to a quart jug of root beer. I learned alot about life that night and I think I got my first contact high.” (web designer of HalfPastAwesome)

1. “It’s a toss up. Prince….proof positive that a man can look good wearing purple high-heeled boots. Richard Marx…after the concert I made out with a band member in the elevator.”  (both answers equally classy, in my opinion)