top-ten-may29-small-handsjpg1All right, so Friday is here again, time for your input with regards to various aspects of this crazy life. I asked you to describe the weirdest / worst piece of information you learned about someone on a first date. Apparently, dating creepy individuals was not limited to just my experience, and for that I am grateful; maybe I’m the normal one. Riiiigggghhhtt. Remember that the Half Past Friday is your turn to air grievances and otherwise. If you’re not catching the question, I try to post it early in the week on either Facebook or via email. If you catch the question there, but crave the ability to be brutally honest and anonymous, just email me your responses or top ten ideas at

Without further bull, here’s your top ten for this Friday:

10. “Hmmm…..that they were married!!!” (this seems to happen to the ladies most frequently, according to poll results, except for number 9)

9. What’s-her-name: “So, my husband was telling me…”

Me: “I’m, sorry, what?”

WHN: “What?”

Me: “Your what?”

WHN: “My husband? Yeah! He was telling me just the other day that I–“

Me: “What?”

WHN: “What? My girlfriend said that wasn’t a problem for you.”

Me: “What?”

I guess, technically I learned more about me than I did about them

(this is such a damn solid answer in terms of self awareness, in my opinion)

8. “Beggars can’t be choosers – and that’s all I got to say on the subject!” (do I detect some subtle hostility here? just me?)

7. “I know we just met, but do you believe in love at first sight?” (wow…..boiling bunnies on date #2 would be my guess)

6. “I think we might be related” (this did not bother this particular respondent at all; no surprise he’s a fireman)

5. “I dumped my first and only blind date because she was fat and ugly; I later found out I had just been staring in a mirror all night” (I still can’t believe I’m related to this clown)

4. “A date once casually informed me that he had left his wife and 2 small children (under the age of 5) in the middle of the night, without telling them, to move cross country because, ‘California just seemed like a cooler place to live than Massachusetts’ “ (awesome reply from a first time post responder….I expect more gems like these)

3. “….that they produced porn for a living.” (and she still dated him, thereby assuring her position as one of my most kick ass friends!)

2. “Her mother was in prison for murder. That was quite the icebreaker! One of those conversation smothering topics, you know. You can’t really discuss the pleasantries of the subject, and yet changing the subject seems very awkward. That was a tough date.” (and who says doctors don’t walk on the crazy side of living?)

…and in the number one slot, from the great state of Iowa we have a new number one poster…

1. “…the guy had really small child-like hands….blind date, was really bad and he kept trying to touch me….it was creepy” (I shudder as I type out this response, and yet have the urge to go eat Fair food and ride the ferris wheel)