best-hombres1The 4th of July can conjure up memories for many of us that are similar in nature: parades, bbq’s, Uncle Joe passing out on the lawn by 10am. Whatever our shared stories, one aspect that I am guilty of overlooking is that of the sacrifice many of our fellow citizens, family and friends have made over the years to ensure our continued security in this country. No matter your political proclivities, the folks in our military deserve our appreciation for hanging it all out there. In the rare case of sarcasm being shelved for the moment, I’d like to thank my family and friends who’ve given of their time and more in the armed services: Davis, Alan & Matthew Best (damn good brothers), Kris Tate, Jeff Elliott, David Cook, Brian Davis, Curtis Cantrell, Scott Deckard, Jeff Owings, Dave Schmidt, Dusty Schmidt, Brad Benton, Todd Williams, Randy Fischer, JB Lilley, Jeff McKenzie, Jim Anderson, Lenny Marcotte (veteran of the Guam Wars), Glenn Kimberlin, Jamie Frieze, Mike Kennedy and the myriad others I’ve no doubt missed. These guys all took time out of their lives, and, for their own reasons, helped to keep us all a little safer. I hope they and all the other veterans of our armed forces (and those currently serving) are spending time with THEIR friends and family. As well, whatever socio-political mess we’re in around the world, hopefully our troops are staying as safe as possible; in my opinion, they’ve contributed a WHOLE LOT more to our society than any celebrity, despite what People magazine would have you think. If you can, take the time to buy a beer (or whatever their choice of beverage) for someone who has or is serving and tell ’em thanks. Now go and blow up some fireworks and enjoy yourselves, amigos!