punk-teenI think there’s something that you and I have in common: a visceral loathing of punk ass kids. The beauty of that is the fact that at one time WE were the punks and our parents thought of us in much the same way. A bizarre rite of passage, the teen years are gangly, pimply, nasty growth periods in our lives when we manage to annoy just about everyone and think we have the world by the short ones. In truth, there’s never been more potential for you than at this time, and as a group, we are determined to squander that time in every possible way. God’s great practical joke – I am gonna give you the peak physical years of your life at a time when your only concerns are learning how to “like” beer, acting like horny trolls around the opposite sex and rejecting every single piece of advice anyone over 23 gives you. Although I’d like the physique and lack of body hair that I had at eighteen again, I wouldn’t trade anything to be plagued by the anxiety and insecurity that envelope you during those years.

So I thought I might make up a chart to compare and contrast those years versus how it was perceived by other generations. Let this be your guide.half1