mad-authorThe topic sent out by the Springfield Blogger’s Association for discussion was “Taking Time To Blog”; I guess we’re supposed to wax idiotic on the hows and whens of filling our sites with our ramblings. Half Past Awesome is, without a doubt, the number one consumer of my misfiring synapses in terms of idling away free moments. In order to come up with something humorous, I pore over miles of internet detritus and hours of wasted conversations around the firehouse. Since I’m a firm believer that truth is funnier than fiction, I try and limit my reality-bending to a bare minimum, and this takes a huge amount of my time. Once the idea has been hatched, the usual time frame from first sentence to final edit is anywhere from 20min. to an hour. Weird, right?

Given that writing is something I actually really, really like doing, I’m able to waste ridiculous amounts of time cranking out one worthless essay after another. The edit and unpublished section on my dashboard always has about a dozen screeds on it, waiting for the right moment to be dropped at the opportune moment. And truth be told, a good chunk of the time on an essay is spent perusing Google images for just the right pic to fit the essay. Except for today, as you can tell.

Having the attention span of a fly doesn’t help, either, but once in a while I’m able to snag one of the dozens of wild thoughts crashing around my head and get it down on virtual paper. And, once in a while, I hope it makes you laugh.