I had a funny essay started earlier.

It was entitled “Intellectual Man Candy”, and I swear, it’ll make you laugh.

But I can’t finish it right now.

Know how I know?

I mis-spelled the word “jet” and “stalker” earlier. (Let’s not get into the hows and whys with regards to my use of both words, okay?)

How for the love of all things good in this world can you not spell “jet”?

I’ve slept for 13 hours, and still look and feel like I’ve gone three rounds with “Ryan” the Sadist at CrossFit.

I think it’s a cross between swine-flu, TB, hypochondria and a touch of imagined herpes.

But I’m not a doctor.

I think it would be best if I held off on posting until I’m not under the influence of cut-rate Day-Quil and bad coffee.

At least I should be able to spell by then.