The Skinny

About Half Past Awesome:

Half Past Awesome is a random, haphazard collection of essays on from the viewpoint of a single dad in his 40’s. Whether commentaries on firehouse life, pop culture idiocy, life in the middle of the middle of the country or just random venting at faceless institutions, I find that humor is around every corner; sometimes you just have to sort through life’s dumpsters. So, jump in the truck with me, let’s rip the steering wheel off at 90mph just to see what happens.

About Uli:

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, as well as Cayucos, Ca. and went to school on the central coast, then moseyed up to Alaska for a stint on the North Slope, working the oil rigs in what might be the worst job ever. Along the way, I’ve worked as a Realtor, truck driver, heavy equipment operator, framer, substitute teacher, television station camera operator and whatever other work seemed to demand more of my back and less of my mind. I finally settled into an apparent career as a firefighter in Springfield, Missouri, where I’m the Captain of Fire Engine 6. As of 2018 I’ve also found a second home working at local brewery 4 By 4 Brewing Company in Galloway Village, hosting social events and providing pints for those with a thirst for great beer. Raising my boys, losing my mind and trying to find the best way to look at all that surrounds us….that paints the picture of life these days.